To encourage, educate and equip Liberia’s children and youth to become responsible citizens in community involvement and leadership.

To provide for the spiritual, emotional, physical, educational and developmental needs of Liberian children and youth; training and equipping them as future leaders.

To see Liberia’s society filled with educated and productive citizens.


1. To support the education of children, thus building foundations for their social and economic growth

2. To create partnerships with both local and international organizations whose work is specifically dedicated to improving the lives of the Liberian people

3. To provide a place for large group gatherings and pastoral training to advance the work of Christ

4. To support agricultural initiatives that provide training and sustainability for families

5. To integrate radio in the community and schools to support our vision

6. To bring people to Liberia who are willing to teach meaningful skills and encourage children, youth and adults

7. To build and maintain relationships and encourage community involvement

8. To create systems for sanitation and hygiene for community health



As a Christian Organization, we believe…

1. That God has inspired us to encourage, facilitate and provide  for the  needs of Liberian children and youth.

2. That children and youth in Liberia have the right to play and access to good education, health, and equal opportunity

3. That we are fulfilling our mission and God’s great commission when we give our time, talent and resources to the needy.



Our organization will be guided and directed by Christian principles and values in raising funds and implementing its activities.

1. We encourage people of all beliefs to join us in our quest to positively impact the lives of the children and youth of Liberia

2. Our organization shall not discriminate and/or withhold donations from anyone in need based on religion, ability, gender, tribe, or sexual orientation.

3. Our organization will partner with churches and other care organizations to ensure safe transit, distribution of relief items, and implementation of projects.

4. Our organization will not sell or exchange any item intended for qualified recipients

5. Our organization shall use donated items only within H.E.L.L.O. for the use of H.E.L.L.O.’s own clients except when donations are intended to be sold for the purpose of funding projects in Liberia.

6. Our organization will promote public trust through efficient, cost-effective, and stewardship of its resources.


H.E.L.L.O. will 

  • advocate to address the needs of Liberia’s youth and children 
  • provide learning opportunities for children and youth 
  • provide access to educational resources and tutors/mentors
  • engage the community members to be involved in our efforts and to hold the children and youth accountable
  • provide job opportunities for parents and older youth in their communities
  • organize and facilitate mission trips to Liberia
  • appeal to churches, philanthropists and individuals to participate in providing funds for our mission and projects 
  • collect, organize and distribute donated items to Liberian children and youth
  • collaborate and partner with national and international organizations to make a greater impact on our common work and goals in Liberia

Please join us. We need your talents and financial supports.