To encourage, educate and equip Liberia’s children and youth to become responsible citizens.

To provide for the spiritual, emotional, physical, educational and developmental needs of Liberian children, equipping them as future leaders.

To create a society of respectful, educated, healthy, devoted, and responsible children whose hearts are toward servant leadership, God, and others.


1. To assess and address the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of youth with the view of improving their general well-being.

2. To support the education of children, thus building foundations for their social and economic growth.

3. To provide health-care and encouragement to those in greatest need, particularly those with HIV/AIDS.

4. To create partnerships with both local and international organizations whose work is specifically dedicated to improving the lives of the Liberian people and those around the world.



As a Christian Organization, we believe…

1. That God has inspired us to be a help to the suffering children of Liberia.

2. That children in Liberia, just like children in other parts of the world, have the right to play and have education, health, and equal opportunity

3. That our lives will be filled when we give our time and resources to the needy.



Our organization will be guided and directed by Christian principles and values in raising funds and implementing its activities.

1. We encourage people of all beliefs to join us in our quest to bring relief to the children of Liberia.

2. Our organization shall not discriminate and/or withhold donations from anyone in need based on religion, ability, gender, tribe, or sexual orientation.

3. Our organization will partner with churches and other care organizations to ensure safe transit, distribution of relief items, and implementation of projects.

4. Our organization will not sell or exchange any item intended for qualified recipient.

5. Our organization shall use donated items only within H.E.L.L.O. for the use of H.E.L.L.O.’s own clients.

6. Our organization will promote public trust through efficient, cost-effective, and compassionate stewardship of its resources.


H.E.L.L.O. will distribute relief items to orphanages and schools in Liberia, build a school, a resource center, a library, and provide educational training on social issues such as prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, STDs, Ebola, and other health related issues.

We encourage people of all beliefs to join us in our quest to bring relief to the children of Liberia.