HELLO’s purpose is to encourage children and youth by catering to their basic human needs, encouraging learning through play, and advocating for children’s rights and safety.


HELLO believes that education is the bedrock of every society. To address poverty and given the 85% illiteracy rate in Liberia, HELLO has provided over 40,000 textbooks to primary and secondary schools as well as colleges.


HELLO equips Liberia’s children and youth by first listening to their caregivers and learning about their needs. Our projects are designed to be sustainable, employ local residents, and use local materials.

Why We Exist

For 14 years, children in Liberia lived helpless and hopeless lives as civil war ravaged throughout their luscious country. Tens of thousands of families were forced from their homes and left vulnerable to the tragedies of poverty. These innocent children have grown accustomed to the relentless suffering and have been labeled “forgotten.” H.E.L.L.O. exists to reach out to these children to encourage, educate, and restore their joy in the form of providing for their spiritual, emotional, physical, educational, and developmental needs and to equip them as future leaders. OUR VISION is a society of respectful, educated, healthy, devoted and respectable children whose hearts are toward serving God and others.

We invite you to join us in this important work.



In August 2015, HELLO built a playground in rural Liberia in an effort to bring hope and restore healthy play in children.

Cocoa Farm

May 2015_4
In February 2015 we completed the purchase of 200 acres of land in Liberia. To arrive at our goal of building a mission on this land, we decided to plant cocoa on parts of the land.

Radio Station

Erecting AYR Sign
To effectively help Liberians receive credible information, HELLO has established a radio station in rural Liberia.