Agriculture for jobs and future mission

In February 2015 we completed the purchase of 200 acres of land in Liberia. The goal of purchasing this land is to establish of future mission, which will include a school, a resource center, a clinic, a church, and a guest and staff quarters. To arrive at our goal, we decided to plant cocoa on parts of the land. The proceeds May 2015_4from the sales of the cocoa will go towards building and sustaining the mission. As of now we have planted more than 3,500 cocoa plants, some of which are about 3 feet tall. We have hired local community members to work on the cocoa farm on a daily basis while planting cocoa and cleaning under the cocoa trees. This initiative has provided permanent jobs for fifteen community members, who are now able to support their families with the wages they earn. It is also helping the local economy. Our goal is to plant a total of 10,000 cocoa trees. The type of cocoa we are planting will be ready for harvest in 3 years.





The Coffee Tree and Cacao Tree