Radio Project

Zorzor, Lofa County to receive the First National Youth Radio owned and operated by the Young People of Lofa through Youth Talk-Liberia, Inc. (under construction) and Help Encourage Liberia’s Little Ones-HELLO, Inc.

The proposed station is named and styled Alternative-FM to be operated on two frequencies (94.4MHz and 104 MHz). Additionally, Zorzor local authorities through the city mayor, Zubah K. Johnson, have provided land in the administrative compound for the construction of the station while the Telecom Tower on the Fessibu road will be used to host the bigger transmitter that will cover the whole county (Lofa) and adjacent counties.

The Alternative-FM radio project is a joint initiative of Youth Talk-Liberia, Inc., (YOTAL) and Help Encourage Liberia Little Ones (HELLO). Both institutions are based in the Republic of Liberia and the United States of America respectively.

Radio station

James Kwabo is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication. He will serve as General Manager for Alternative FM.

The objective of this project is to serve as a professional training ground for children and young people in rural Liberia as well as a non-commercial platform for the dissemination of unbiased but credible information in the interest of its listening public mainly the children and youth. The station will broadcast features that are not otherwise available to listeners on other community radio stations. It will constantly endeavor to enhance the image and visibility of children and young people through the production and broadcast of high-quality local programming that are children and youth oriented and led; with a focus on the importance of education. We will also educate the population on teenage pregnancy, sexual exploitation and abuse, maternal mortality, HIV/AIDs, human rights, governance, the rule of law and all major situations and programs for children and young people.

HELLO-Liberia and YOTAL, Inc. intend to also construct a media complex which will comprise of a radio station for now and in the not too distance future, a TV station, a printing press, a public library, an internet/resource center, a conference/multi complex center and extended structures for staff and trainees.
Recruitment and training of volunteer staff including the General Manager, Program Director, News Director, and Sales Director are slated for June, 2015.